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Video Games, Literature, and Libraries

This evening/morning I began reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. It has been an unnecessary secret shame of mine that although I spend much of my time in and around comics, I had not read this important text. Something about how McCloud begins by creating a broad but clear definition of what comics are, including questioning the … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Reading: Graphic Novels

Hey! I’m home sick today for something between horrible body aches, stomachache, and the need for an emotional pressure-free day after giving a whole lot of support to my partner, who is in the thick of grieving after a recent death. A lot has been going on. I went to my first convention this weekend, … Continue reading

Just the First Frame: Reference comics without stripping credit and pageviews from artists
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Just the First Frame: Reference comics without stripping credit and pageviews from artists

Intellectual property rights and webcomics As a webcomic reader and librarian-in-training, I have wondered about how to properly blog about webcomics. In order to write about a comic, generally the reader needs to view the comic, but re-posting comics in their entirely is a no-no. Bill Barnes at Unshelved recently posted about a great website resource … Continue reading

internet vs libraries
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internet vs libraries

Yikes! Check out the latest comic from Married to the Sea, entitled: internet vs libraries. (Via Married To The Sea visit site for full comic)   Lately, I’ve been reading my textbook “From Boardbook to Facebook: Children’s Services in an Interactive Age,” which tries to hammer in a theme I’ve encountered a lot in library school, paraphrased: … Continue reading