I am…

I hope to encourage a love of all things literary and information-related in the public, especially the young and underserved.

I have been…

I am interested in the following (both personal and professional):

  • Access and Outreach services
  • American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  • Bicycling
  • Board Games
  • Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • The Divine Comedy/Neil Hannon (musician)…also a lot of other music
  • Environmental/”Green” issues
  • Poetry
  • Public Radio
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy (both in literature and television)
  • Short Stories
  • Theatre (both the written word and the production, onstage and backstage)
  • Graphic novels
  • Mental Health

About this WordPress

Please peruse (or scan) this site for examples of my past and current work. I will update when I am able!