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Picture Book Round-Up: Sounds

Froodle Cover Image

Froodle. By Antoinette Portis. Roaring Book Press, 2014.

  • A book about a little brown bird who wants to say more than is expected of it, and finds this possible. Inspiring other birds to break free of their normal repertoire, this book is full of silly sounds and has the beginnings of a social justice bent in the don’t let others’ expectations for you limit your possibilities sort of way.
  • I found this book fun, but not overwhelming by any means. I think it will delight.


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Telephone Cover Image

Telephone. By Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Jen Corace. Chronicle Books, 2014.

  • Another book about birds of all sorts saying odd things. The birds in Telephone are anthropomorphic, resembling kids hanging out at the playground and baseball field. The premise is simple: Peter’s mother sends along a message for him to fly home for supper, and as the message is passed from bird to bird, it twists to something new, as in a classic game of telephone. What makes this interesting is that what each bird says (or hears, for that matter) is related to his/her own interests. I think this is fascinating from an adult perspective on “hearing what you want to hear.” Don’t worry, Peter finally gets the right message (from an owl, of course).




Tap Tap Boom Boom Cover Image

Tap Tap Boom Boom. By Elizabeth Bluemle, Illustrated by G. Brian Karas. Candlewick Press, 2014.

  • Tap Tap Boom Boom is based on events seen by the author on a rainy day in New York. A sudden storm erupts, sending community members to congregate in the subway, performing random acts of kindness and creating friendships with strangers.
  • Rhyming text.
  • I really enjoyed some of the illustrations, which often merge photographs of NYC with illustrations overlaid. It creates a lovely mix of materials and gives the book a particular sense of place.
  • This would pair nicely with Nana in the City.



The Farmer's Away! Baa! Neigh! Cover Image

The Farmer’s Away! Baa! Neigh! By Anne Vittur Kennedy. Candlewick, 2014.

  • I have already made two other adults who are not librarians read this book. One was a teacher, and the other I made read it to me out loud. :)
  • I had NO IDEA what I was getting into when I started reading The Farmer’s Away! Baa! Neigh! Not a standard farm-animal text, the entire text of the book is made of animal noises, and not only that, they rhyme. When the farmer’s away, the animals do all sorts of crazy activities, but they definitely do not want to be caught. I think this will be a classic, and fans of Seuss and other nonsensical rhymes will get a big kick out of this one.



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