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Graphic Novels Course poster

I’m sick and in bed. It’s actually a busy day at work for everyone on my team (but me?) and I really want to get to work, especially for open hours of my library, Science House, but so far I’m pretty dizzy upon waking.

That said, I did have a few workable hours yesterday night, and I used them to help create a flyer for my partner’s upcoming Graphic Novels course next semester. I’m proud of it, especially given that it is sick girl work. Also, I made an extra effort to sneak some females into the poster (the texts which were suggested for use were primarily male-dominant) since perhaps that would tip the scale for some potential student. I heart female comics lovers.

This upcoming semester is going to be exciting and strange for me, as David has never taught graphic novels before (although he has plenty of experience with them), but I also have read pretty deeply in this realm (I presented on diverse graphic novels at last year’s MLA) and continue to make it an express choice in my reading to keep up with what is new in the format. By which I mean, I will have a pretty keen interest in what David is teaching, but I also want to make sure not to overstep when discussing with him, as it is his class and at least for now, I don’t know what the focus of it is (aside from the text in this poster).

I’m finally starting to settle down at Science House, so perhaps there will be updates about my awesome job as librarian there soon. :)


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