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The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber (Review)

The Good Nurse. By Charles Graeber. Twelve, 2013. 307 pages.

The Good Nurse cover The Good Nurse Cover v2

In 2006, Charlie Cullen, a nurse working in Pennsylvania and eventually dubbed “The Angel of Death,” was sentenced for murder. He had been killing patients, not for mercy but for reasons unknown, during the sixteen years of his nursing career. Charles Graeber tells both the story of Cullen’s murderous career and the difficult investigation which eventually resulted in his arrest. A hard to put down piece of nonfiction, The Good Nurse is as engrossing as it is disturbing. An easy read for those unfamiliar with nonfiction, with plenty of end notes for those interested in reading about Graeber’s source material, including direct dialogue and quotes from emails among medical staff.

Check it out at a library near you! Audiobook available.


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