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Cell by Robin Cook (Review)

Cell. By Robin Cook. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2014. 402 pages.

Cell Cover

George Wilson, a radiology resident, just learned about the latest medical technology at a conference: iDoc. The new app will take care of your health, monitoring chemical levels, giving insulin to diabetics automatically through the use of an implant, saving the medical profession millions of dollars and extending the lives of patients, or so its creators say, who also claim iDoc’s large beta test has been going swimmingly. However, George, whose diabetic fiancée died suddenly six months ago, starts noticing connections between patient deaths and the revolutionary new app. Will uncovering what looks to be a deadly plot against terminal patients become lethal to George?

By bestselling author Robin Cook, Cell is a fast-paced medical thriller which will not only keep readers in suspense but also provides interesting commentary on the state of modern medical care in America.

Check it out at a library near you! Audiobook available.


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