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I’m moving soon. So not blogging much. But I thought I’d do a quick update to say I’m having fun thus far reading all of these books from various genres.

I’m also focusing my picture book energies on a FOOD theme.

I might do another storytime soon, hopefully, and apparently I feel like going from seeds to food. Logical progression. Below are cover images of the books I’ve been thinking about or am about to read (ie, on my library request list as of today). There will be more but I’ve maxed out my ability to request books, apparently. :)

Please tell me what (picture) books you like to read to kids about or involving food!

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked If You Give a Cat a Cupcake If You Give a Mouse a Cookie If You Give a Dog a Donut Stone Soup Sing a Song of Popcorn The Bun Two for Stew I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato The Popcorn Book Pancakes for Breakfast How Are You Peeling? The Seven Silly Eaters Little Pea

Bread and Jam for Frances

Incidentally, Bread and Jam for Frances is the first book I remember reading to myself as a child.

Fast Food Dragons Love Tacos Applesauce Season The Doorbell Rang


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