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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Review)

Ready Player One Cover

Ready Player One. By Ernest Cline. Crown Publishers/Random House, 2011. 374 pages. $24.00

The free virtual OASIS changed everyone’s lives as did its creator, having willed his massive estate to the first person to complete an online quest. In 2045, years after the race began, an avatar name finally appears on the scoreboard: that of Wade Watts, trailer park inhabitant.

In this fast-paced, fun, and action-packed novel, Wade and his friends (who may eventually meet in person) battle corporate enemies who would use the OASIS for profit and do not hesitate to kill more than an avatar.

Appealing to Science Fiction and Adventure fans, Ready Player One reads like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory infused with danger, 1980s pop culture references, and video games. Ernest Cline (Fanboys) brings extreme geekiness to his first novel without overbearing jargon. Engaging and funny, some humor may be lost on readers unfamiliar with the novel’s many references, however Wade’s conversational narration helps compensate.


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