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Every Day by David Levithan (Review)

Every Day Cover Image

Every Day. By David Levithan. Alfred A. Knopf /Random House, 2012. 324 pages. $17.99

For the 5994th day, A wakes up in someone else’s body; but today is different. Meeting Rhiannon, A falls in love and decides to pursue a lasting connection, despite changing location, gender, and background every day.

In Every Day, best-selling author David Levithan (Boy Meets Boy, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) presents an emotionally intense novel which challenges readers’ views of how romantic love and identity are defined.

The plot of this quick read is driven forward as A’s choices affect both Rhiannon and those whose bodies A inhabits. An open-ended and bittersweet love story, Every Day acts as both a window and a mirror to teen and adult readers alike. It stands well alone, but for those interested in series books, Rhiannon’s version of this novel’s events is scheduled to arrive in 2015.


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