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Storytime Fame!

Hey! I was mentioned in a blog which isn’t mine!

I thought you might like to know.

We had the first St. Kate’s Libraries storytime on Thursday, May 15, in the lower level of the St. Paul Library…The children said they had a great time and would like to come back again. Emilie has offered to do another session this summer as she is preparing for a career in youth services librarianship. I am hoping we can accommodate her and the Montessori school.


It’s nice to get a new mention. Especially since the internet is a bit volatile.

In 2006, I was first published in Elimae, and that site is now defunct (but Coop Renner is keeping the archive), and in 2007 Coldfront featured me in This Week In Poetry but there is no longer an archive of this online as well. So I definitely feel the somewhat ethereal nature of the Internet as it relates to its ability to mark my achievements.

It makes me feel all proud of myself to get a new little write up. I hope this is the first group of many I can educate and help foster a love of learning and literature!

Anyway, yay!

Randall Schroeder, who was very generous and kind through my whole storytelling experience (which I hope I will blog about sometime after this week) was also nice enough to write up the activity as a happening occurrence at St. Kate’s. 


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