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Yummy: the last days of a Southside shorty presentation/book club

Hello, Internet!

Last Night I did a presentation / ran a book club

on the graphic novel Yummy: the last days of a Southside Shorty by G. Neri (author) and Randy DuBurke (illustrator) as part of my coursework for Materials for Young Adults last night. 

As with most of my presentations, a lot of the content (including the bulk, I’d say, of my questions for the class, which were often responses to the class discussion in order to help lead the conversation and keep it going, which is not something which can be entirely planned out on slides) was spoken and not listed as text within my visual aids.

I’d say more about it, but honestly it is the end of the week, I have two classes remaining (in grad school and also individual class sessions for this current semester) in which I have a lot to do and I am exhausted!

One of the things I would like to highlight

to someone pursuing these slides and/or reading the book is that Lee and Low‘s webpage for Yummy, which lists some great resources including a link to the Time article mentioned in the book (I was able to access this via EBSCOHost, but unfortunately without a subscription – check your local library! – one would need to pay for access to the full article), a book trailer, and interviews.

Here are my slides!

Slides 2-3

Before I stop writing, I realized I should first explain a first few slides as I did a little class exercise. I asked the class to first pretend they had not read the book, and then to choose an adjective to describe the person whose eyes were in the first picture and then the second, and then we shared our interpretations. (PS Sorry the images here are at such a terrible resolution!)

It had struck me how this ONE image of Yummy was around during this time (1994) and how that made this book even more important, providing an alternate set of visual representations as to the person Yummy was.

Slide 7

The number 31 is how old Robert “Yummy” Sandifer would be today if he were still alive.

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