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Fitness Display, St. Catherine University Library

Decided to whip out a display today since it’s the start of a new month (and two displays just came down).

Step One: Decide on a theme.

I’ve been feeling a desire myself to be healthier in general and more active, and my beau just came back from a trip to Costa Rica which was very physically stimulating for him, so I felt inspired to make a fitness-based book display. This would also be good since the Minneapolis Campus Library is primarily a medical library and therefore we’d have a lot of good (and flashy, and new) books on the subject.

Step Two: Choose artistic method.

I have been looking at my own body lately. In the mirror, at the gym, and sometimes this is negative, sometimes positive, but the shape of the human body has been in my mind. So I wanted to do some silhouettes. (Female ones. St. Kate’s is primarily a girl’s school, although the Minneapolis Campus seems to have more men about in their programs.)

Step Three: Make silhouettes.

  1. I decided to find some online images, as I have no drawing talent of my own,
  2. save and crop down those images,
  3. blow them up to a larger (closer to full-page) size in Microsoft Word,
  4. then flipping the orientation of the image. After printing, I
  5. used glue stick to adhere to image to colored paper,
  6. cut out the image outline, and
  7. flipped over the paper. Instant silhouette!
Silhouette alternation

Putting some weight on those bones! Wish I’d added (ie, cut less) more.

A copy of the image (pre-horizontal flip) and the final cutout.

A copy of the image (pre-horizontal flip) and the final cutout.

Normal sized jumping girl

Normal sized jumping girl

Gluing girls onto colored paper.

Gluing girls onto colored paper.

The only major issues I found here were that my hand got tired and I had a lot of trouble finding active (or any) silhouette images of differently sized women (I used one plus size image and then didn’t cut as close into the stomach of another as the printout would have had me do), which was disappointing. I didn’t want to make a display which was just going to make some people feel negatively. More plus-and-regular-size silhouettes, please, Internet!

Step Four: (optional?) Create Display Title



I was really tired by now (of cutting) and decided to go to the Keep Calm-O-Matic to make a “Keep Calm” poster for the wording. When I started making displays at St. Kate’s, I thought I might make a Keep Calm sign for every display I made, but then discarded this idea in favor of supporting the displays as a whole unit. I thought I’d do it this time since it wouldn’t mar the display and save me more cutting.


Step Five: Choose books.

Usually I choose books immediately, as my display is really dependent on the collection I am attempting to showcase. I waited this time since I knew there would be plenty to choose from.

Step Six: Putting it all together.

Tah-dah! I wanted to use a black background since I chose to have colorful silhouettes, and that way they would really pop. You may have noticed that I skipped the title sign. It was up, but it just didn’t flow well enough, and once I decided to keep some of the silhouettes off the background, I thought there was enough “pop” and draw without it.

DSCN5614 DSCN5615


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