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Personal Updates, or Obligatory Post So You Know I’m Human

(Comic by Kris Wilson, 2007.)

I recently had a friend say the following to me on Facebook:

I’ve never seen an episode of, “Seinfeld.” Many of your posts remind me of how people would describe that show.

After I explained that I really didn’t know what that was supposed to mean, he followed up:

I was just noticing how you talk about everyday things. It’s well written. And, well, dramatic?

All in all, a nice compliment. It reminds me that for a lot of people, the intention of this blog might be unclear (unless you go back to my first rambling posts about Personal Branding). Do I write about everyday things? Am I pleased that it seems to be so?

This blog is (supposed to be) about…

Me, but a really specific part of me. The part of me who wants and needs to document the work she is doing regarding libraries, literacy, and children’s/YA books in particular. I’ve been blogging since 2002 or before, and that has been highly personal, following the original intention of a weblog or LiveJournal.

Sometimes it’s odd to recollect that my life started without the Internet as a major element of it. It feels like it always has been, but that’s not true. I remember logging onto AOL in my father’s office, listening to the dial-up connection like waiting for a magic spell to finish casting.

I’ve been documenting my life online for some time. But this blog is about documenting certain types of accomplishments and thoughts, while tacitly acknowledging that my emotional and social, ie my personal life is to live elsewhere. In my life or on the Internet.

(Some) Personal Updates

That said, it must be tedious at times, for anyone who (ha) reads this blog religiously, to see my accomplishments without a little more context.

So I am going to make some small updates! Here are some things going on in my life right now which affect me, either personally or professionally or both.

  • I have but TWO classes left in order to finish my MLIS. This is both exciting and stressful. I am walking with a good chunk of my friends in May, but I will be officially graduating in August. Knock on wood.
  • I am moving in July! I have no idea whereto yet, but I would like to remain in Saint Paul. One of the worst things I will have to deal with in this move is the adjustment from four cats to one cat. (My boyfriend is going to be working on a lot of things, and perhaps/hopefully a publishable version of his PhD dissertation, and needs some serious space to work in. Three of the cats are his, although I love them just as much.)
  • I am thinking with more intention about my fitness and nutrition habits. I’ve previously eaten whatever I liked (a lot of it healthy, a lot of it not healthy) and since I bike as my primary form of transportation, I’ve never had to worry about my weight. I’m thinking more about my whole-person health now. Map My Ride is lovely and very motivating.
  • Alongside these thoughts,  I have been taking note of body image in the media, webcomics, life, and elsewhere.
  • I recently discovered and watched all of Video Game High School.
  • I also just watched The Amazing Spider Man with David (boyfriend) last night and continue to be inspired and have my imagination sparked by Peter Parker & Co. He is my first super-hero.
  • Once I finish school, I hope to work more seriously on my poetry, which is a passion I have had since I was a child but have not pursued actively (both writing and publishing) since 2006. I’d like to work on a chapbook or book inspired by classic comic book characters.
  • I am learning about meditation and hypnosis (limitedly until I finish school). Practicing mindfulness thus far has proven to be very grounding in the best sort of way.
  • I am (and have recently been even more) inspired by friend and artist Lewis Lain (both personally and artistically), and am pursuing obtaining some of his work as it is inspiring my everyday life in very positive ways.
  • Speaking of art, I will be attending Northern Spark, one of the most happening awesome days of art in the Twin Cities, and expect it to be an amazing experience which will feed my soul.
  • I am resolving to do what is best for me. This seems like a no-brainer, but I can throw myself into supporting others so much that sometimes I forget to remember adults always need to put on the oxygen mask first.

That last update in mind, I am going to head to bed.

Goodnight, people and cats everywhere!

Hickey, the sweetest of sleeping cats


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