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Feelings Mirror, Minneapolis Central Children’s Library

This was one of my first projects at the Minneapolis Central Children’s Library as a summer intern. Using images from the book “Happy” by Mies Van Hout, this project was an attempt to encourage children to make faces and think about feelings. Emotional literacy! The “together” sign above the mirror is based on Ridgedale Library’s Together project, adding information about the activity and its value to caregivers.

I chose the book “Happy” because of its vivid illustrations, as well as a personal preference for pictures which did not favor one race or gender – so fish it was!

I have observed many children look ponderously at the fish, but I do not believe this actually encouraged many to make faces. This mirror is in the Imagination Room, where storytimes are held, and it is tucked away a bit from the main area of the Children’s Library. In general, I wish this mirror could have been placed in a more prominent area.

The Minneapolis Central Children’s Library is going to be getting a kitchen set soon, and that will also be in the Imagination Room, so it’s possible that with more foot traffic, the mirror may start to see more use.

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