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Just the First Frame: Reference comics without stripping credit and pageviews from artists

Intellectual property rights and webcomics

As a webcomic reader and librarian-in-training, I have wondered about how to properly blog about webcomics. In order to write about a comic, generally the reader needs to view the comic, but re-posting comics in their entirely is a no-no.

Bill Barnes at Unshelved recently posted about a great website resource that can help.

“Enter Just the First Frame, a very clever site that presents a sampler of comics from around the web, but (as the title hints) just the first frame. As the creator Henry Kuo explains, everyone wins – you get enough of a taste of a strip to decide if you want to read the rest, and we get the benefits of you visiting our site.”

One-Frame Webcomics? And by extension, other pieces of online art, etc, and a lot of what’s on Pinterest…

recently posted about a comic by Married to the Sea and was grappling with this issue. Married to the Sea is a prime example of webcomics which generally feature one panel only. I just sent an e-mail to Just the First Frame asking for their opinion on this matter, giving them the links to not just Married to the Sea, but Natalie and Drew’s other comics as well. If you have any ideas of how to “tease” readers for these sort of comics, please comment!

I’ve truncated the comic I originally posted, (easy since it was a two-parter) and feel much better for it. Not enough people, including myself, remember that images can and often should be edited for size and/or content prior to (re)posting online.

(Via. Unshelved) Visit: It’s great. Every librarian AND patron should “check it out.” (Yes, I am that person.)


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