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CVS says no to bikes in drive-thru

Stenciled symbol reads no bikes

Photo Credit: “No Bikes!” by Steve GarfieldCreative Commons License

Imagine my shock as I pulled into the drive-through at CVS this afternoon and was told through a closed window, “You have to go inside!”

I’ve been to this CVS (Nicollet Mall) many times at the drive-through, on my bike, and it’s never been a problem before. After pouting, locking up my bike, and getting my prescription inside, I spoke with the pharmacy manager, who chalked up this recent change to

  • the bureaucracy of a very large company, and
  • some recent accidents (in other parts of the country),
    • one involving the death of a pedestrian attempting to use the window.

I get this.  It’s private property, CVS doesn’t want to be smacked with lawsuits, and it’s annoying, but bicyclists got lumped in with pedestrians, somehow. This in particular bothers me.

Bicyclists are not pedestrians.

We have the same rights and restrictions as other VEHICLES, at least in Minnesota.


The private property bit trumps-all, but the mentality of this particular area of decision-making angered me.

I immediately went to look for news articles detailing this fatal pedestrian-car crash.



I realized I was Googling and that I’m an LIS student; I hit the (newspaper) databases.


It’s always taken me a while to find “just right” search terms, but I think combinations like the one listed below (and many other variations thereon) should have come up with something other than the fact that a car has literally crashed into a CVS recently.

“CVS” and “pharmacy” and (“injur*” or “fatal”) and “drive thr*”

Might CVS somehow have hidden itself as a legal party in this matter? How would I go about searching for this with so little information to start? (I’m guessing the best answer is to first go back to CVS – *sigh*).


At this time, I decided that I may have to hit my reference books again if I want to figure out how to find or obtain a copy of CVS’ company policies, and where on earth to find information about this accident, if I am to assume it occurred.


Unfortunately, I have to work on more pressing things like schoolwork and paid-job-work. Maybe I’ll take it to the library…

Anyone with mad reference skills up to helping me out in this matter?


2 thoughts on “CVS says no to bikes in drive-thru

  1. So … I have this elderly relation who lives very near a branch of one of the nation-wide banks. She doesn’t drive, so she asked if there was a walk-up teller. Turns out there isn’t one — she’d have to go into the bank during banking hours. She can do this, but reading your post made me think — do you simply cease to exist if you don’t drive?

  2. I’ve walked up (interestingly enough, never biked) up to ATMs intended for cars outside of branch banks. It’s unpleasant, and I avoid it when possible. Not all banks have a walk-up ATM, although it seems that most do (some are only accessible to bank customer by swiping their bankcard to gain access to the outer lobby).

    It sounds like your relative probably has access to an ATM, but not a person via the outside of the building? Sorry – I’m a little confused by your comment. Does this bank have in-person tellers for the drive through even when the bank is closed?

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