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internet vs libraries

Yikes! Check out the latest comic from Married to the Sea, entitled: internet vs libraries.

Internet vs libraries

(Via Married To The Sea visit site for full comic)


Lately, I’ve been reading my textbook “From Boardbook to Facebook: Children’s Services in an Interactive Age,” which tries to hammer in a theme I’ve encountered a lot in library school, paraphrased:

Get with it.

There’s more out there than books, and if you want to get a job as well as ensure that libraries as an institution survive, we (librarians) need to incorporate 2.0 technologies, etc into our services. Especially when working with youth.

This comic “illustrates” (I can’t help myself!) a few things.

  • Libraries = librarians (see title/content)
  • Librarians who resist change (as in comic) may not be suitable to work in modern age libraries, or possibly that
    • “Traditional” libraries are on their way out.
    • So…my textbook is right? I’ve got to figure out what these apps are that the kids at the Homework Hub desk were telling me about yesterday? (I definitely took discreet notes.)
  • The stereotype of the librarian as spinster uptightoldlady is most definitely still in the public eye.
    • Although…all “Married to the Sea” comics are old-timey.
  • The image of libraries as institutions affiliated with buildings (often old ones), books, and traditions is going strong. A dichotomy of libraries vs. internet (or more broadly, technology) exists in the minds of many (most?) people.

How do we update the image of libraries/librarians?

If you work at a library, what do you do to counteract the public’s idea of the library as outdated and in opposition to changes in technology? If you’re in library school, what do you image you would do?

Update 3/13: Permanent links to Married to the Sea updated, comic view truncated for intellectual property reasons


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