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Blog Focus in the New Year?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I don’t like about this blog, which shouldn’t be happening when it’s such a new creation.

The biggest thorn in my side is the web address itself (emiliehanson.wordpress.com). I started this blog as an ePortfolio, and it seemed logical to use my name. But in retrospect, it feels much more public than I wanted to start – I’m a private person, and I expect a blog to be public. I want people to read it, and I want to be noticed! But something about having my full name out and up front makes me feel a bit more inhibited.

Also, I feel like it makes me look like an egomaniac. An overly formal egomaniac.

School will be over soon (for the semester), and I’m wanting to do so very much during the break:

  • read a LOT of picture books
  • read a LOT of graphic novels
  • read A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin, perhaps
  • go skiing for the very first time
  • make progress on a sewing project (1950s dress) I started (by marking the fabric) around this time last year…or was it the year before that?
  • complete some puzzles
  • play board games with friends
  • watch all of Sherlock, which I have yet to start
  • FOCUS THE THEME(S) OF THIS BLOG. I was so anxious to start, I might not have started well.

(I also want my boyfriend to finish reading Ender’s Game to me, which he began last year and then stopped abruptly.)

I doubt I’m going to get it all done. I might not even get half done – my reading list has exploded a bit. But I think I can manage to spend some solid time thinking about what I want this blog to do, what I want it to be, and *probably* where I want to relocate it. It’ll be easier to do when it’s still so new.

Also, I’ve begun following a lot of blogs lately via my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) and I’m really tempted to buy MarsEdit so I can easily post reactions to other’s posts in my own blog.

I love my RSS aggregator more than just about anything else on my computer.

If you have any ideas for the blog (ie, what do you want) let me know now!

I’ll be off from posting for about a week, I suspect, as I finish up my schoolwork. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some solid picture book reading pictures (and video?) after next week from my birthday party, so hopefully you have that to look forward to.


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