Web/Library 2.0

Using the internet to avoid using the internet (in bad ways)

The internet can be a wonderful resource…and a great distraction. One of my favorite things to find out about on the web are useful freeware applications (my computer might not like it, as it is rapidly running out of hard drive space, but that’s another matter).

Sarah Brumble, a former classmate and literary aficionado, sent the following tweet this afternoon.

@littlebrumble: "Warning: I just turned on SelfControl. All y'all 'bout to be blacklisted."


Shortly afterwards, my life changed (I know it’s a bit early, but I can already tell its true love). SelfControl allows OSX users to “blacklist” trouble sites (Facebook, anyone? recently for me, WordPress) and restricts your access to them for a predetermined amount of time. And it doesn’t let you cheat by turning off the computer or the program.

The design is beautifully simple, which works well with Mac users in particular. You just set the sites you don’t want to see, set the timer, and Start.

SelfControl Interface

Self Control Setup

I didn’t get as much homework done this morning as I would have liked. But this evening has been mighty productive!

Sites I’ve blocked: WordPress, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter (unfortunately, SelfControl appears to work on web browsers only, so my open Twitterific window still feeds my feed), Netflix and Hulu. I’m sure to add more.

Another nice thing is that you can add sites to your blacklist while the program is running (in case you are a Grade-A online procrastinator and keep finding sites to distract you).

Well, I’m either off to bed or more studying, but either way, in a few minutes I won’t be able to access my blog anymore…


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