Ready, Go

Met w/Barb McKenzie at HCL MPLS Central this afternoon. Decided to wait on an internship since you can only have one internship w/HCL ever now, and I want to finish my reference class first so I feel like I know a little more what I’m doing before I’m exposed to the public.

(I will be contacting IPL about learning reference and helping out online, though.)

That said, I will be starting to work at the Homework Hub at Franklin Library soon, and I’m really quite excited. Also glad to have decided what I’m doing with HCL this semester, and curious as to what other places I might decide to try and get experience…

We’re in the process of planning for our first PLG (Progressive Librarian’s Guild) meeting for the semester, and I’m hoping we get some new students in soon, with ideas and passions that we can support through outreach. I want to DO things!

Received a package from Andrea Bronson today, which included some little goodies (for example: a paper copy of The New York Review of Books, which I usually only read, for class, online) as well as three advance copies of books she had mentioned to me earlier. I am particularly interested in “The Future of Us” by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler. It will be difficult, now that class has started, to

1. Finish listening to my book of tape of “A Clash of Kings” 2. Keep up with school! I have a lot of reading about HTML and reference to do, and I’ve barely begun. 3. Finish “Habibi” before its due back at the library 4. Start reading books by David Levithan and Brian Farrey I’ve checked out so I am a little familiar with their writing styles before next Saturday when I go to Open Book for the Second Story Reading: LGBT Panel & Reading (Featuring David Levithan)

I have a few new and less new picture books checked out (from the library) that I’ve been meaning to check out (the contents) for a while, and those, at least, I know I will get to, although I’ve been sitting on “Orani: My Father’s Village” for three weeks now. I really want to get to that in the next few days.

And now I’ve blogged. I feel moderately productive, and have to go to Park Square soon, to work a very long show which is also hopefully very good (I’ve heard as much).


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